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    1. Are you related or affiliated to facebook poker mafia facebook game?

    No. We are an independent firm. We buy large amount of chips and we sell them to you at the cheapest price online.

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    2. How do we know you are reliable?

    We have many customers buying chips from us. In order to show that you can trust us, we can provide the first 10,000 chips for FREE. Chat with us or send us an email with your FaceBook ID or email address (that was used to sign-up for FaceBook), requesting 10,000 chips for free.

    This is a one time offer only.

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    3. How do you deposit the chips and how fast are you at providing the chips?

    We deposit the chips directly to your account once the payment has been made. If we are online, we will deposit them right away; however, if we are offline we will deposit them within one hour. We just need either your facebook ID or your email address.

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    4. How do I get my facebook ID?

    It is now easier than ever to retrieve your Facebook ID. Open Poker Mafia on Facebook. Let it connect you to the server, than scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "Your UID is:" followed by a number. That is your Facebook ID.

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    5. When are you online?

    We are online from 8 am to midnight EST. Sometimes we are online the whole time.

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    6. Do you provide chips for other poker games?

    No. We only provide chips to poker mafia.

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    7. How do I contact you?

    You can contact us through the Live chat option or send us an e-mail at fbpokermafia@gmail.com

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    8. I'm worried my account might get flagged if I use your service.

    You should have absolutely no worries. Unlike other providers we do not have to go into rooms, and constantly fold to you, we direct deposit. Doing the raise/fold method, flags accounts, as this is easily traceable by the administrators. Your account will never be affected by buying from us. We are resellers, therefore publishers do not mind.